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Private Coaching

When trying to get your point across, confidence is key.  For individuals who’ve struggled with public speaking either in their personal life or professional life, navigating our new world of virtual interviews, meetings, and presentations can be very overwhelming.  Learn ways to overcome your fear and use your own words as the greatest advocate for yourself.  Private coaching sessions will focus on vocal inflections, intonations, tonality, word choice, intent, and content of speech.  In a one-on-one setting (either virtually or in-person) you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the point that you are trying to get across and learn various tools of the trade to help you execute your thoughts with eloquence and efficiency.  

Group Classes/Workshops

Geared towards adults, teens, or kids, weekly customizable group sessions can be used to build confidence and increase self-esteem when speaking in front of an audience.  The focus will be placed on ways to engage an audience, posture, mobility, physicality (including body language and eye contact,) and techniques used to maintain power and presence during a speech.   Throughout the classes, all participants will have the opportunity to present something of their choice and will be subjected to positive feedback and constructive criticism from the instructor and peers.  The goal of larger group sessions is to help eliminate the fear and stigma that comes along with public speaking and provide support in a positive, not intimidating atmosphere.  (Note: Group Classes can be either 1 hour a week/6 weeks or a full one-day workshop.)  

Interview/Audition Prep

Coming from an extensive theatrical background, Kyle is very familiar with the ins and outs of how to master an audition.  Whether you have an audition for a gig, an interview for a new job, or a college application process, master the tools you need to sell yourself in the most marketable way possible and distinguish yourself from the competition.  These preparatory sessions focus on developing the confidence to accentuate the parts of yourself that you want to highlight and doing so through a coherent, comprehensive, and clear plan of attack.  Through the incorporation of verbal and non-verbal skills, active listening skills, and mock interviews/auditions, you will have all the tools needed to seal the deal.  


The business of public speaking is all about people – and when dealing with people – you have to expect the unexpected.  It is one thing to expect it, but another thing to be prepared for it.  One of the most difficult parts about giving a presentation, attending an interview, or pitching a business idea is making yourself vulnerable to questions that you may not be totally equipped to answer.  The age-old theatre technique of improvisation is essential when it comes to thinking quickly on your feet and crafting meaningful responses.  More so, it forces you to actively listen to your audience and construct new ideas based on feedback from the audience.  Improvisation classes can be scheduled either individually or in a group as per need.  

Corporate Coaching

Communication is key, especially when it comes to working in larger corporate settings.  One of the most important elements of working as part of a team is having an understanding of one another’s strengths and values in the workplace.  Through these customizable public speaking sessions, employees and team members can build leadership skills, gain experience presenting in front of peers, and strive towards a more competitive advantage in their respective fields. Focus is placed on group presentation strategies (both verbal and nonverbal) and ensuring that every speaker is heard and understood with validity.  


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