Public speaking Tips From an English Major

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Let's talk about word choice.  One of the most important things about how we speak is the words that we choose to use.  A huge part of this is knowing your audience and from there, being very specific about what words will appeal to said audience. 

If you're the high school valedictorian addressing your graduating class, your choice of words will be very different from if you're making the biggest pitch of your executive career in Corporate America.  The key is that the "wow factor" that you should always be striving for through your speech is not necessarily about what you say, but how you say it

As someone with a masters degree in English, I take words very seriously.  I think it's actually quite poetic.  No two words are exactly alike - even synonyms! If you say you are "hungry" - that is a very different sentiment than saying you're "starved."  You can be hungry, while not being starved.  Now take that very rudimentary example and apply it to the way in which you speak when communicating to those that you are trying to share your truth with. 

As a fashion lover, I like to think of words as accessories of sort - just as you'd dress up your physical appearance with a scarf or a hat or whatever your designer item of choice is...dress up your vocabulary with words that emphasize you and your brand. 

As always, your goal is to make yourself stand out in the best way possible and be unforgettable to your audience.  

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